Safeguarding the interest of the Salt Industry

SMAP has detailed aims set in the Memorandum of Association and it continues to be the representative body of the Salt Manufacturers all over Pakistan. It can and will play a pivotal role in promoting the development and attaining efficiency in the best interest of the Salt Factories and other related industries within the parameters of the policy of the Government of Pakistan.

In the long-term targets, SMAP will strive to pursue the attainment of improvement and efficiency through research and development of the Salt’s yield or final product after it has been processed under the refining steps to achieve high purity levels of the product, especially for food/edible grade of salt as well as high-quality salt for use in specific industries on large scale.  The salt mining system being in practice today needs to be upgraded with more effective, economical, and safe mining methods, adoption and implementation of new technologies in the salt mining method and develop as well as implement new and advanced harvesting techniques for extracting raw salt in quantities that have the potential to run into millions of tons of salt exported out of Pakistan over the next few years.

Pursuance of a comprehensive policy is the prerequisite for the success of an industrial sub-sector. The policy shall cover production, price and through it, achieve market stability. This can create a sustainable situation by consolidation, giving a steady upturn.

Our association shall be open for suggestions and improvements of the industry on the whole from members, here are some of the important aims set to be achieved as quickly as possible in the 1st year of SMAP:

SMAP will devise policies to safeguard the commercial and business interests of the Himalayan Salt Industry.

Trade Policy for Salt Industry:

SMAP will interact with Government bodies to establish detailed trade policies including GI Tagging against Illegal export trade of this precious salt in its raw form, to India & other countries that pose a considerable loss of market/sales of value-added salt products from Pakistan and promote our share of premium quality salt products on the global market place.

Technological Development:

SMAP will provide every assistance possible to adapt technological changes in contrast to improvements in the salt manufacturing process and replace the primitive mining methods by using modern & effective technology for the production of Premium quality Salt Products.

Improve Communication concerns:

SMAP will make their efforts to establish formal, continuous, effective, and functional coordination & communication with TDAP (Trade Develop Authority of Pakistan) & PMDC (Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation).

To manage after-effects of uncertainties:

SMAP will ensure the continuous supply of Sea Salt Harvesting or Himalayan Salt (Salt Mining) which could prevent the industry from having a disrupted supply chain specifically during the monsoon season which causes a few weeks of closure of salt mines/harvesting methods that leads to delays of export orders fulfillment.

To Safeguard Labor Interest:

SMAP will provide awareness for the health & safety parameters to improve the working conditions for the workforce in Salt Manufacturing processes as per labor laws and guidelines.

Providing Valuable Industry Insights:

SMAP provides and maintains valuable data information for the production, sale/stock, etc besides forecasting yearly production and consumption which helps Salt Manufacturers as well as policymakers at the Government level. The information is studied at the domestic and international levels.

Research & Development:

SMAP provides guidance and counseling to create an institutional structure for the research & development to promote Salt Industry.