Historical Facts:

  • In ancient Rome, Salt was considered to be a precious item with was used to pay soldiers. The word “salary” comes from the root Latin word “sal”, for salt.
  • In 1920, cases of goiter, thyroid disorder caused by iodine deficiency were on the rise. With the introduction of iodized salt, the cases of goiter disappeared.
  • In ancient Greece, the expression “not worth his salt” was used during the practice of trading slaves for salt.
  • In Buddhist tradition, Salt is known to repel evil spirits which is the reason why it is a custom to throw salt on your shoulder before entering your house after a funeral.

Health Facts:

  • The human body contains 250 grams of salt which is about half a pound.
  • A healthy adult needs between 200 and 500 mg of sodium per day.
  • Sea turtles have a salt gland to get rid of the excess salt in their bodies. The Secretion of the salt in the turtle’s eyes makes them look as though they are crying when they come ashore.

Scientific Facts:

  • According to recent scientific finding, it has come to light that salt deposits was discovered on Mars.
  • Seawater contains about 3 percent of salt, however, the actual concentration varies between 1% to 5%.