Solar Salt Works

Shallow ponds are constructed in series from where the water flows which is evaporated by the sun rays. What’s remaining in the ponds is sodium chloride. The varying depths of the ponds and salinity levels give rise to microorganism such as algae, bacteria, worms and etc.

Moreover, ponds provide a natural habitat for bird’s community. These endangered waterbirds (Avocet, flamingos) are provided with food supplies from the ponds. In addition, protection from predators is provided to these birds as well.

These ponds attract bird watchers who eventually add economic value to the local industry. The mud which is left behind in these ponds are used for therapeutic purposes. Similarly, construction of these ponds prevents flooding.

With the rapid rate of industrialization, these ponds are disappearing with time from the coastal regions. Thus, severely affecting the conservation of biodiversity. Efforts need to be made for increasing public awareness among people about these ponds .In addition, constant support from NGOs can help to preserve these ponds in the future.