Salt Mines - Sindh

There ae about 170 Salt Lakes and 100 Salt mines in Sindh. Most of these salt lakes and mines are located in Tharparkar, Sanghar and Umerkot. Some examples of Salt lakes located in these regions are the Al Amin Salt Lake, Tepari Salt and Saran Salt Lake.

Salt Mines - Punjab

Salt mines are located on the foothills of the Salt range or on the banks of the Indus River. There are four major salt mines located in the Punjab district: Khewra, Makrach, Warcha and Kalabagh.

Salt Mines - KPK

Salt mines are located mostly in the trans Indus extension of the Salt Range which is 217km from Islamabad or from Kohat. Most of the salt mines located in this region consists of Jatta, Bkheel and Karak.

Salt Mines - Balochistan

In Balochistan, there are many salt lakes such as the lake Chaghi located in Sultan Nokkundi. Most of sea salt is obtained from Lasbela and the area near Makran’s coast in Balochistan.