Direction & Guidance:

SMAP will provide guidance to all members of the association to meet global standards and practices for sustainable growth and development for long run.

Training & Development:

SMAP will ensure to provide modern and contemporary training to all the members for their consistent progress in order to meet Domestic & International Standards.

Affiliation & Networking:

Registration and Affiliation with SMAP will provide every opportunity to build networking and interaction with fellow members & Government officials.

Promotion of Trade fair:

SMAP will work closely with TDAP to obtain assistance for salt exporters. It should also request that the government of Pakistan should announce a rebate and subsidy for trade festivals for the participation of every member.

Research & Development:

SMAP will provide research and development practices to all the members for the purpose to adapt every modern and technological mode of Salt manufacturing processes. Including modern and contemporary training & instructions to all Salt manufacturers for their consistent progress.