Solar Salt or Sea Salt in developed countries is harvested from manmade ponds using bulk loading equipment. Conversely, in developing countries, the method is performed by hand and only certain months of the year when the weather conditions are optimal.

A combination of shallow shoreline, long sunny days and steady temperatures creates an ideal environment for harvesting sea salt.

Solar Salt evaporation is considered the fastest-growing method of salt extraction due to the low cost relative to the more energy-intensive pink salt mining in Khewra Mines.

Steps involved in the harvesting of Solar Salt:

  1. Artificial Ponds are left to dry in the sun
  2. When Salt crust forms, exceeding water is removed
  3. Crystallized Salt is harvested
  4. Salt is transported to dump trucks that take salt to the washing facility
  5. Salt is rinsed with a brine solution to remove impurities
  6. Raw Salt is processed which includes sifting and grading of salt