Reasons on why you should join us as a member:


Direction & Guidance:

      • Provide the right direction to your company
      • Prepare you for sustainable growth and development
      • Help your company meet the global standards

Training & Development:

      • Provide you with modern and contemporary training
      • Help your company meet Domestic & International Standards.
      • Share past experiences so that you may benefit from it

Affiliation & Networking:

      • Build networking and interaction with fellow members & Government officials.
      • Build a relationship with Association that is beneficial to your company
      • Help you to move to the next stage in your business

Promotion of Trade fair:

      • Provide assistance to salt exporters by working closely with TDAP
      • Ask the government to provide rebate and subsidies to members in trade festivals
      • Provide essential information to help you in trade festivals in the best possible way

Research & Development:

      • Provide research and development practices to all the members
      • Help you to adapt to every modern and technological mode of Salt manufacturing processes.
      • Ensure that all Salt manufacturers have consistent progress in their business